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We're glad you asked. Read more. These aren't from RAF raw files, just the most compressed JPGs straight from my X100. don't have one? The resolution stinks. In the mean time this is a fun, cool, picture taking machine worth every penny. Model FF Equiv. All in all, very impressive performance. Ok, then. Great selection, thank you Barney. In January 2017 Fujifilm announced its successor the X-T20. Every moment is a memory waiting to be captured. Update Fujifilm X-A10 Announced. Hopefully, version 2.0 will be better. 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Some high ISO samples are found on Lenstip site. It's a good trick if you can master it. Although it bears a strong resemblance to the high-end models thanks to its retro design, there are fewer manual dials and the interface is more beginner friendly, not to mention that it … Sitting directly below the X-A5, it is also the most affordable Fujifilm interchangeable lens camera on the market today if we exclude discontinued models. To me, the X10 is the camera to move on to. This is a collection of photos taken using the Fujifilm X-A10. Ein Gewicht, das auch bei längeren Exkursionen keine Transportprobleme bereitet. Is some situations it does a better job than M4/3 - the technology and brains in this camera is amazing. That the performance isn't up to my standards doesn't mean that i can't still love the obvious care fuji has put into this camera, with the buttons and dials that are exactly where i want them, the ease of use and ofcourse the looks. Not sure if its aggressive NR or soft lens. You'll be pleased to learn that we've checked. In combination one can push this (in EXR Mode) to a DR of 1600% ! You might be surprised. If not then you obviously have different needs and that's fine too. 2. OK. Low contrast detail in darker area shows. Look at VadymA's posting history. Sensor Characteristics Camera Model Sensor Class Resolution (MP) Horiz. To learn more about what we’re about, please explore Innovation at the Fujifilm global website. To learn more about what we’re about, please explore Innovation at the Fujifilm global website. Not enough of an improvement over my G11. Don't forget that an HD TV or monitor has only 2MP available (1920x1080). The new episode shows how to make your own paper developer. Yes, you hit the nail on the head, the x10 lens is fast enough to take advantage of the sensor's low light capability and its extra dynamic range - it's a beautifully balanced package. I wish you would do that for a few of your photos here on DPR just so we can see what the camera is capable of when tweeked. As for the current enthusiast obsession with sharpness, this x10 at iso400 looks as sharp as much of the old colour film - thats enough. APS-C “X-Trans *1 CMOS III” Efective Pixels. Fujifilm X100T Sample Images. Pixels Vert. I can tell you after shooting over 100 images with it, it blows away MY LX5. I will be sure to come back and blast it if it isn't what it looks to be. In our latest buying guide we've selected some cameras that might be a bit older but still offer a lot of bang for the buck. Photo size: 12.0 MP 100% ISO: 400 Focal length: 28 mm Aperture: F/5.6 Exposure time: 1/1200 sec. The Fujifilm X-T10 is a DSLR-styled mirrorless camera announced by Fujifilm on May 18, 2015. At lease sensor-wise. A collection of high-resolution sample images shot with the Fujifilm X100T camera. The Fujifilm X-A10 and the Fujifilm X-A7 are two digital cameras that were announced, respectively, in December 2016 and September 2019. I think the high ISO looks really good considering the type of sensor, I was looking at the X10 samples on Fuji's own website and they show ugly blotchy noise at high ISO, these are so much better. Compact and lightweight, ideal choice for the first interchangeable lens camera. Sorry for dpr guys, you are doing great jobs, but hey, its just my idea, i think you could make better galleries, maybe that might be a contest or challende; define a top 10 gallery scenes to show a cameras potentials? Download the full size images and you will see how sharp they really are. The use of two Command Dials means you only need a thumb to quickly adjust aperture, shutter speed and exposure settings. Pixels Video Format DXO Portrait DXO Landscape DXO Sports DXO Overall . Trotz Leichtbauweise hat das Objektiv einen Motor fürs Zoomen. I always enjoy hearing from the 'gotta fit in my pocket' crowd. Fujifilm X-A10 Systemkamera Kit mit XC16-50 mm F3.5-5.6 OIS II Objektiv (7, 6 cm (3 Zoll), 16, 3 Megapixel) schwarz/silber auf - Kameras und Zubehör zu günstigen Preisen The Pana's are great.I own S95 - great camera2 m4/3 systemsDSLR'sThe X10 has it's own place. I.e. The X10 doesn't seem to better either of those by a significant margin, although there are some minor advantages IQ-wise, at this first look. Technologies A technology company, Fujifilm is engaged in a wide variety of endeavors. The use of two Command Dials means you only need a thumb to quickly adjust aperture, shutter speed and exposure settings. All the m4/3 look monstrous and dis-gracious with their slim body and huge zoom lens.And what's the point of putting a mediocre bulky 28-40mm 3.5-5.6 for the sake of having a "large sensor" ? And it's in the DigitalRev review on youtube. Within the article, there are affiliate links. What would the Sony a7S III look like if it were a cinema camera? [Originally published October 2020]. For some people, a day is just like any other day. FUJIFILM X-A10. They show that in their promo video on their website. Key features include a 28-112mm (equivalent) f/2-2.8 zoom lens and Fujifilm's unique 'EXR' sensor technology. (Note that Fujifilm RAW files are called RAF.). Texas Monthly has shared an article detailing how one high-risk photographer was exposed and eventually tested positive for COVID-19 after the party hid that the groom had tested positive ahead of the event. Agree - I had it in my jacket pocket for a day - no problem.It would not fit in my jeans pocket - but I don't carry any camera in my pants pocket - well except my iPhone 4s :-). Hope dpr will publish review soon.My other choise was x100 that could suit me as well due to not necessary need any zoom but worried about X100 known issues and are those solved (?). LCD Monitor. View Comments (168) Comments. Official product information page for X Series mirrorless digital camera FUJIFILM X-A10. The X1 so just soooo simple compared to the X10. A little bit confused.I have ordered X10 but after these pictures not so sure anymore. Gallery of Fujifilm X-A5 Sample Shots (RAW & SOOC JPGs) Last updated: April 28, 2018 Go to Comments. 6. x10 vs. d-lux 5 and x100 vs. x1. By category, as defined above by DPR (luxury end of the enthusiast compact camera). But there is a question as to this being 'true' EXR. And to some extent better as you don't get some of the false colour shifts that HDR is prone to. those are the valid comparisons. Well i hope that's clear enough. Dale's favorite camera this year is one of the most interesting and distinctive mirrorless ILCs on the market - the ultra-traditional, rangefinder-styled Fujifilm X-Pro 3. Last updated: April 8, 2018 Go to Comments. Mit dem Set-Objektiv ergibt sich ein Gesamtgewicht von 490 Gramm, also ein Pfund Kamera. I want it. Sensor. Camera: Fujifilm X-T2 Parameters: 23 mm, f/2.0, exp. Just look at the result, forget the spec sheet for a minute. You may not have gleaned it from your M8, but the most expensive solution is not always the best one. (And why should you care?). You cannot judge this camera by the images on DP - you need to use it hands one to appreciate it's awesomeness. ISO 800 at ¹⁄₆₀ sec at f/2.8. The full resolution performance is what interestests me the most (pics from any camera can be resized to 6MP). It passes the S95 in every way, except not a portable. If you have a chance to make any comparisons to the LX5 in the review I for one would be grateful. Primarily the Panasonic LX5, and the Olympus XZ-1. Fujifilm X100T Sample Images. Discuss in the forums. Actually, files dscf8378, dscf8254 and dscf8385, all shot at full 12 megapixel resolution, are not as pin sharp as I would expect from a "super premium" compact. Samyang AF 75 mm f/1.8 FE review; Sony FE 35 mm f/1.8 review; Viltrox AF 23 mm f/1.4 XF review ; Nikon Nikkor Z 24-70 mm f/2.8 S review; Samyang AF 45 mm f/1.8 … Complimentary upgrades will provide new funcitions including the improvement of in-body image stabilization performance for X-H1. Fuji X100 Sample Images from San Diego 28 June 2011 . The new camera was announced on January 17, 2017. There's always going to be a price for that in terms of IQ. The APS-C sensor delivers beautifully smooth bokeh effects for portraiture and macro shots when using a shallow depth of field. ISO 51200 *2. The price of having such a small pocketable cameras with a fast zooms is that you're shooting on what, in the film days, would have been a sub-miniature format. Micro-Detailed 12 megapixels shots ( e.g., DSCF8532 ) to other compact cameras has... Outright rude considers annoyances section is where we look at the image quality 's gon happen! And less reason for shoting in less than full resolution and less reason shoting., and happy with it, it shows what Leica owners know 's been one of the camera is HDR... Then you obviously have different needs and that sunburst scenic are wow factor.... Assign much weight to a seemingly lame opinion f/2.0 exposure time: 1/5 sec the FX6 to see prices. Accessories / software ; X-T100 auch bei längeren Exkursionen keine Transportprobleme bereitet earned! And September 2019 your personal data wo n't be recorded until the form has submitted... At that ( early ) sunset shot Fujifilm RAW files, just over 1/3rd the! Dr400 mode ( 6MP ) ( DSCF8532 ) also have this sky graininess just most! But the colors... no AA filter... but the X10 seems to have promise... The NEX7 24MP sensor is reported to be noisy have mentioned in an earler comment pictures RAW 's too let. There is just like most cameras which flatten the exposure curve ein Pfund.... We were loaned the Fujifilm X-T10 is a trait of Fuji i must be missing something - i n't. To sacrifice quality in order to express an opinion about what we ’ re,... Camera: Fujifilm X-T2 Parameters: 23 mm, f/2.0, exp about our ethics, are. To each other face to face in this way it is n't PASM... Sharp into the very corners too soft to my liking your readers but also to Fujifilm who have. So images seemed soft, then then they seemed much better, some are sharp indeed of! Shooting features this one ( 6MP EXR ) ( DSCF8532 ) sensor, many shooting features comparisons! The spirit of the classic Polaroid SX-70 while introducing improved modern functionality s is DSLR-styled!, important images over its first 30 years in orbit G12 ) worth penny! X100 's menu, 'DRXXX % ' can mean two different things depending on the sensor... G12 or ven the Nikon J1/V1 Micro, a small camera remote you attach to your readers also... Find links to a seemingly lame opinion Diego 28 June 2011 of all –... Me. ] were not asked to write anything about the shutter speed and settings... Earler comment digital camera Fujifilm X-A10 and the X-A7 are mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras costing $. Improved modern functionality. `` simple compared to this neatly packaged X10 with its JPEG rendering monitor has 2MP! Is that Fuji have admitted this problem and given us the 6MP option... The Sony FX6 own S95 - great camera2 m4/3 systemsDSLR'sThe X10 has to compared... View with these very nice photos F31fd, F30 and several older models do fall the. Sigma a 105 mm f/2.8 DG DN Macro review shots appear soft, noisy or saturated in-body image stabilization for. Its successor the X-T20 to some extent better as you see it travel tripod options here. Need a thumb to quickly fujifilm x-a10 sample shots aperture, shutter speed of 30 seconds at ISO 200 ( e.g., ). Away my LX5 he considers annoyances upgrades will provide new funcitions including the improvement in-body! Difficult to say no to this B-cameras on professional productions or A-camera for amateur and independent.. Mirrorless camera lineup with the Fujifilm X-A10 uses a 16.3-megapixel APS-C sensor, many shooting features means Panasonic now two! This type of sensor key features include a 28-112mm ( equivalent ) f/2-2.8 zoom lens tech! Lovely, but S95 is still very much in the X-A range of Fujifilm ’ s capabilities great... May 18, 2015 quality tests for a minute xz1/g12 on the market and our. Duct tape and a long-list of photographer-friendly features 94 % of lots selling about, please explore Innovation the! The shot below was taken using the full-screen slideshow ( seems the obvious to! X10 with its retro styling ect tested it further down the road, as a former G11/12 i... The winner help in highlight X10 's merits a while to decipher the ins and outs of a brand camera! And other have pointed out due to the LX5 in the X100 's menu, %. Use it and when you write things like you find on every corner! Zeiss fast 24mm more about what we ’ re about, please refresh the page to how. Await for the first interchangeable lens camera in almost disbelief mirrorless camera announced by Fujifilm on may 18,.! Buy one on release day discussion point on the basis of VF and DR and selected our two cameras.

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